We are Dead Dave's Funeral

COVID 19, yeah, yeah, it came with a handful of restrictions on our freedoms but 2020 Lockdown England wasn't all bad!
As the late-May, sun set over a cricket field in the grounds on an old lunatic asylum in Devizes, three 'socially-distanced' mates were chilling to a fine selection of ass-kicking grooves, some beers, vodkas and a Jamaican woodbine or two. Then a very urgent need-to-pee, set the foundation to Dead Dave's Funeral.
Let's get something straight, we are not a 'brand', we are creative thinkers dedicated to bringing you art through urban clothing and accessories. All of our products include free shipping and sales tax, so no need to worrry about added extras.
One thing before you go. Someone has to play the devil's advocate, so If you take offence at our designs, our images, our messages, please, just chill. Your politics are not our politics. We have no politics. We have fun designing for anyone who wants to wear our gear.
So, whether you find yourself here by fate, or you've stumbled across this page by chance, we are sure that we have something of interest.
Welcome to Dead Dave's Funeral.