Nicola, Queen of Scots

Nicola, Queen of Scots

Since its Union with the English in 1707, generations of repressed Scots, have been forced into slavery by their brutish neighbour. 

Not since Mel Gibson have the Scots had a great warrior to lead them from the darkness, to the promised land. 

To many, a saviour has been born in the form of a woman. 

Nicola, Queen of Scots. 

To a fanfare of bagpipes, and with great gusto, she stampedes towards her vision; a Covid-free land of milk and honey…and whisky.  

The birth of an independent Scotland, a country of freemen, released from the shackles and tyranny of the English -at least for a while- until her new union with Europe, or not! 

So, whether you love her, or loathe her, let’s commemorate the ginger ones crowning with one of these exclusive Dead Dave’s Funeral designs.  

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